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Audacity The Essentials Series on the 4 essential shifts:
  • How to Acknowledge and Ask for What You Want (no more "I'm easy", unless you really are)
  • ​How to access the power of Appearance Ambivalence (no more staying quiet & small because you're having a 'bad' skin/ hair/ outfit day)
  • How to become Available for Abundance (no more martyring yourself as if it's your life's purpose to be as pleasure-less as possible)
  • How to access Alliance with Others as your safety net whilst you make these bold moves (no more WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! or fear of it)
  • ​BONUS: Emotional Freedom Technique with Gemma Bennett

    OMGeeeeee I’ve found this to be such an effective therapy.
    Let me introduce you to Gemma Bennett, my own wellbeing therapist.
    She is taking us through tapping that facilitates our audacity, supporting us to take the edge off the WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS feels. I always get incredible feedback from my 1:1 clients when I send them for sessions with Gemma, this is a real treat. Just over 20 mins, that you can revisit and replay over and over and over again. ENJOY.

  • ​AND if you decide to go on and join me for the 6 week Course, Audacity: The Expansion, you can deduct the price of this workshop

Keri Jarvis.

Keri is The Audacity Coach. She's leading a reclamation of "Who Does She Think She Is?!", inspiring and supporting women to locate, and activate their personal autonomy, and access the benefits of their alliance with one another.
She's the Founder of Do It Like A Mother, a business she sold in early 2020.
Since 2018, more than 100 women have completed her Thrive Like A Mother programme.
She's a Speaker, Retreat Host, & Book Addict. Vegan but not preachy about it. Socialist. Feminist. Mother. Swearer. Think those are the key details nailed tbh. 

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